Quality used heavy-duty cardboard boxes

a wide range of quality used boxes for every need and we can buy your used boxes too


quality used boxes from the large packaging specialists

At Lesters Recycle, we sell used cardboard boxes, with huge stocks of a wide range of sizes across a variety of board grades. If you stock standard products that can be packaged and transported in standard boxes, and want to take a more environmentally friendly approach, used boxes could be the way. Our boxes are high-quality from reliable sources, and available for delivery when you need them.

we purchase your used boxes turning waste into revenue

At Lesters Recycle, we’re here to help our customers improve their environmental footprint and their bottom line. We want to be at the forefront of ways to stop waste. We understand that disposal can be a challenge for our customers, and we will continually look at ways of expanding and simplifying ways to recycle as material choices increase.

Is it proving difficult and costly to dispose of your corrugated boxes? If it is, Lesters Recycle can help. As part of the Lesters Group, we’ll work with you to make sure we turn that cost into a revenue stream for your business. As part of the process of specifying and producing your bespoke corrugated packaging, we’re already thinking about how we can take them back off you!

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We provide an eco-friendly solution to suit your business needs

Working closely with our customers, we understand that disposal can be a challenge and we continually look at methods of expanding and simplifying ways to recycle as material choices increase.

an eco solution that improves your bottom line

At Lesters Recycle, we turn your waste costs into a revenue stream by purchasing your waste boxes back from you.

we can help you enhance your sustainability

By working with Lesters Recycle, your environmental footprint improves as we re-use your waste boxes, reducing the effect on our environment.